Why Choose A Garden Designer?

Garden Designer in Surrey, Camberley

Garden Design in Camberley and Surrey 

The benefits of choosing a garden designer is that we are trained to view gardens differently.

If you ask a builder to build you a patio they will build it where you tell them in whatever stone you choose.

If you ask a garden designer to build you a patio they will take into account its location, size, proportions, materials, style and, once satisfied that the patio is being built in the right location in a colour sympathetic with the rest of the house/garden, they will then go ahead and build you a patio.  You'll get your patio but we'll make sure it's the right one.

Transforming your garden can be stressful, there are so many different aspects to consider and sometimes people can be fairly fixated on a certain layout that they dont always see an alternative that a designer would be able to spot.  As a trained professional I can guide you through the process to make your dreams a reality.  Investing in your garden is guaranteed to enhance the value of your property and will provide enjoyment for years to come so it's worth getting an expert in which will help you to save time and money.

As a designer, it is equally as important for me to know what clients do like as much as what they don't like and I believe in exploring all options so that when we come up with the final solution we know it is the right one. So if you live in the Surrey, Camberley area and are looking for a Garden Designer, then contact us today on 01276 500731