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Planting is my speciality and my absolute passion

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I love combining colours, textures, shapes and sizes and plant generously to give a long period of interest.  The plants I use tend to be different from the ones you will find in most garden centres which will make your garden unique and more interesting, providing a rich variety of perennials and shrubs.

My own garden combines architectural plants with only yellow flowering perennials.  You will find a mixture of ferns, hostas, polygonatum and grasses in with rudbeckia, heleniums, trollius, echinacea and iris.  Despite being north facing the garden in full summer is a riot of sunny yellows.

When designing a garden, border, raised bed or whatever then consideration has to go to the size of the plants, whether they are evergreen, their leaf size, shape, colour, when they flower, making sure they are all differing heights, that the like the same soil etc.  Many gardens we see are 'plonked' where you know people have popped down the garden centre and impulse bought something that has drawn their fancy but with no consideration as to how it will fit into their garden.

I use a variety of trade nurseries in the area who all grow exceptional quality plants in the right conditions which are produced to flower when they are supposed to (not like some large garden centres who grow shrubs like hydrangeas in false conditions so that they are in full bloom in March, crazy).

As I get these plants at discounted prices I am happy to forward this discount onto the customer so that you know you are getting value for money.

If you re based in Surrey and you would like more information on how a planting specialists can benefit your garden, then do not hesitate to contact us 01276 500731