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A planting scheme that incorporates a theme whether it be cottage, architectural, low maintenance or wildlife garden is always a joy to complete so when I was approached by Lawrence in Fleet to do a Jungle Garden I was delighted to oblige.

The garden had become a little overgrown as you can see from the picture so once we had cleared the whole garden, dealt with the fox, mice and frogs that had taken up residence, the garden was returfed and then planted.
I always do a lot of research into my planting schemes and need to take into account the location, direction, amount of sun/shade, leaf shape, texture, height, preferred colours etc to ensure that the theme has cohesion and balance and ultimately delivers exactly what the client wants.

Lawrence was really keen to have a Tree Fern (Dicksonia Antarctica) as his key plant but couldn’t find one under £400. As I use the trade nurseries which offer a fantastic range of plants and prices to match that you can’t find in most garden centres, I managed to get a Tree Fern for half the price. It was a truly magnificent specimen, absolutely beautiful and set off the Jungle theme completely. After much discussion with Lawrence the final plant list was agreed upon.
Lawrence wanted to incorporate a modest palette of colours into his scheme and was very keen on Crocosmia Lucifer which has sword like leaves and magnificent deep red flowers so this was also supplemented by Crocosmia Star of the East with its burnt orange tones which would peak up between the grasses and other plants to give glimmers of colour.

Other plants used to carry on the jungle theme were Darmera Peltata and Astilboides Tabularis which both have large plate like leaves. To contrast these 3 different types of grasses were planted to give movement to the garden and deep purple leaves of the Phormium Platts Black gave the look a new dimension. A variety of ferns were also planted to give ground cover as well as bamboo to provide privacy.

If you would like to incorporate such a theme in your garden or would like more information on all the plants used then please get in touch.

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Site Completed

Site Completed